I have taken both the Excel and Access courses from ExcelCEO (formerly ClineSys) and really gained a lot from them. I have been using spreadsheets and databases in my professional life for over 30 years and considered myself very proficient before I took the courses. In all of my years of Texas State Board of Public Accountancy CPE, the ExcelCEO courses have been the best by far of any courses I have taken. What I have learned from the ExcelCEO courses have helped me take my consulting practice to the next level and beyond. I recommend the ExcelCEO courses to all of my clients that are interested in enhancing their skillset. Thank you ExcelCEO, you have really helped me improve my practice and client offerings.
Lawrence F. Hackney CPA, ExcelCEO Excel and Access Master (www.lfhcpa.com)

This course was exceptional—very well laid out with easy to follow instructions. It was an excellent course for accountants using excel. The text book is exceptional—a great reference for those commands you don’t use often enough to commit to memory. 5 stars!!!
Lee Ann Shiver, CPA, ExcelCEO Excel Master

I enjoyed taking the ExcelCEO course and found the step-by-step procedures conducive to learning and retaining information. I consistently refer to the handbook provided with the course to perform various Excel functions and find it to be an extremely valuable resource in my work as a business valuation analyst. 5 stars! Thank you!
Dan R, CPA, ABV, ExcelCEO Excel Master

I have been a fan from day one in ExcelCEO. I was able to fit it into a very busy schedule working two jobs because it was designed to progress at my speed. Each chapter was well organized and built upon the previous lessons in a way that helped me remember the skills I had learned. Though I had been using Excel for many years I found that even in the beginning chapters there were skills that I did not know that kept me motivated. The last chapters were a real challenge, I’m not going to lie, but as a result of the effort I have been able to increase my value to the company I work for to the point that they increased my salary more than 50%. Now, I would not attribute the entire raise to ExcelCEO, but without these additional skills, I would not have been able to make the professional impressions necessary for my ideas, projects, and plans to be listened to, nor realized. My employees and peers were constantly amazed by what I had built and are still using the templates I made for them nearly 2 years ago. ExcelCEO is not window dressing, it dove deep into core skills that transformed the software I had always used into a very valuable tool for success.
Kim Thornock, ExcelCEO Excel Master

ExcelCEO really is a course, and it is a very good one. The course took me quite a long time to complete, just like a classroom course, because it is very thorough. It starts out with the basics, then gets into complex functions in the later chapters. Each chapter has example spread sheets that you work with as you are learning the information, then a test at the end. You cannot go on to the next chapter until you have passed the test for the previous chapter, which I think is a great thing! I enjoyed the friendly, down-to-earth writing style of the author. That made it less intimidating! The knowledge I have gained from the course has been very helpful. Even if I don't remember how to do every single thing I learned, I know these functions exist, and I know I can go back to the course and be reminded of how to do them. My happiest moment so far is when I told my new boss I had written a formula to fill in certain information automatically, and he said, "Awesome!" I thought the ExcelCEO course was worth every penny, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Meredith Anderson, ExcelCEO Excel Master

I give the program 5 stars. I thought I knew excel really well having built multiple macros over the years to automate things. I was blown away with how much information I didn't know. Also learning some shortcuts to things I already did know has been a huge time saver for me.
John Briggs, CPA

I give the program 5 stars. Jim Cline's Excel CEO course is a five-star program that has improved my Microsoft Excel skills tremendously. I thought I was a pro before taking this course, but this course has put me on an even higher level. I've learned things that I have never knew about Excel and I am able to use these things to represent myself as an Excel guru for any client I work for. I would not have been able to be successful at the client I worked for shortly after completing this course, as the tasks required some advanced skills (i.e. nested IF formulas, detailed pivot tables, other advanced formulas) to be successful. I cannot wait to see what more I will learn when I take the Access/SQL CEO course in the near future.
Shadon Elamin

I would give 5 to the program. The technique skill that I learned from Excel and Access brings my skill set to next level makes my accounting analytical work done more efficiently and effectively.

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